As Initiates of the Illuminati, we understand we are called to a higher standard, as Curators of a New Age.

Since this station also features the Illuminati Materials, this understanding is exponentially heightened for us. We believe the music we make, the words we chose, are a reflection of our inner world. Our thoughts become the things we create, both as individuals and as a species.

We are the  pioneers of a New Age, and we strive to BE the change, we want to see in the world.

To this end… iM🔺RK will not play music that glorifies violence, the “thug life”, demeans women, contains excessive and/or inappropriate sexual references, racial slurs and/or profanity.

We are always looking to add content and all Initiates of the Illuminati are welcome and encouraged to audition.

To be considered for ON AIR play, We need to verify you are actually an Initiate of the Illuminati. We will need a photo of your Members Portal profile with a link to it, also. Once approved, we will need your “radio cuts’ in MP3/4 format with an image and micro-bio for your showfile sent to imarkradio@gmail.com

Thank you!!


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Thank YOU!