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iMRK Leadership!



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Thank you for your interest in those who move and shake “MARK” on a permanent basis. This team might me small, but we are a force to be reckoned with!

While we travel this journey in unity, these are the expectations we strive to consistently live up to:

Our iM⟁RK Expectations

Illuminati ideals reign.
Honor your Oath.
Demonstrate Loyalty.
Play your A game.
Value the Pride.
Speak responsibly.
Inspire others.
Serve Humanity kindly.
Demonstrate leadership.
Do what is right.
Set an example.
Be a cut, above.
Listen to each other.
Answer your emails.
Lead by example.
Inspire the Initiates.
Encourage others.
Be helpful.
Play well with others.
Ignore frivolous attacks.
Ask for help.
Use your manners.
Be solution oriented.
Support one another.
Defend the Pride.
Tell the Truth.
Correct with Love.
Foster friendships.
Meet your deadlines.
Promote our station.
Share our links.
Speak for yourself
Rest when weary.
Foster laughter.
Love our haters.






 Chief Operating Lioness & Host of Award Winning V’s Vox


iVy Taroc 

Arizona, USA

“V” is currently the only Level 1.1 “verified” Citizen Member Initiate, in The Illuminati’s public outreach.  She is the first person in The Illuminati’s living history, to publicly receive this distinction.

As Chief Operating Lioness, V is responsible for the the vision, tone and direction of this station. She is fiercely protective of the brand, as the content is not solely her own. To this end, do not poke the night bird! 

“As Chief Operating Lioness, it’s my role to protect the integrity of the Illuminati materials on station, while facilitating opportunities for the artistic Initiates in this #IAMFAM to be heard by a larger audience. We are a living demonstration in Unity. We collectively function under the desire to live by the Illuminati’s ideals, tenets & directives. One of which share the Light and the Illuminati’s life changing messages with all people in all places.”



Additionally, V is our Resident Audio EvangeLight!

V’s only stated purpose, is to help folks find & follow the Light.

Everything she does, is towards that end.



“Please understand. Everything I bring forward in my role as an EnvangeLight and Scribe, is based in my own unique perspective and understanding at any given time. I am a work in progress, no less than my followers. My viewpoint is based on my experiences and the knowledge I have collected during the length of my lifespan. I make no claims of expertise. I merely share my understandings, in hopes these things will serve to shine the Light of inspiration, on those who are seeking their own.”



“V” also penned “Growing Pains”, a compilation of her favorite life experience based musings, taken straight from her blog.  She is also the Principle Editor & Primary Producer of “Facets of Light”, a cooperative collection of “Light” readings, from the Initiates of the Illuminati.

Available on Amazon.



Initiate of the Illuminati



Growing Pains~ 


Facets of Light



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Please note that the views expressed on this station are from the perspective of our fellow Initiates and do not represent the voice of the The Illuminati, or iMARK unless otherwise stated.



Sultan of Cyber Security & Host of Award Winning AFN


Brad Adams

Kansas, USA


iM⟁RK is ecstatic to have Brad on station. He is a regular contributor aka Permanent Marker”, on this station. His interesting and informative Anti-Fraud Network show are rapidly becoming a favorite on Mark. AFN has recently been picked up for syndication by Spotify and iHEARTRadio.

To learn more about Brad’s passion, Please visit: Sec 77



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Master of Marketing


Nick Hastie

Massachusetts, USA

“I Am From The Boston Area And Follow My Inner Compass And I Follow The Light. My Purpose Is To Share The Illuminati Websites And Information. I Believe My Role Is To Spread The Information Around The World. I Help With iMark Radio And Its The Best Job.
I Am Ready To Take On New Projects And Do My Very Best That Is A Fact. What Better Way To Share Everything On iMark Radio And Theres So Much Knowledge And Wisdom And More.”

Love And Light 🌍 Nick Hastie


Discernment is always advised!

Opinions expressed, are that of the speaker only. They are in no way intended to be representative of the ultimate truths, known only to the Illuminati. It is up to the listener to deeply consider the opinions of others from a objective and critical perspective .




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