iMARK MULTiMEDiA is on the move!

We are the overlords of iM🔺RK Radio, and will be expanding our reach 🔜


We have several ambitious plans on paper for 2020.

We  thought you might like a sneak peek!


  • We are considering producing a quarterly Newsletter for the “IN” Crowd, which will include updates and information about the Initiate Network, and those who serve it. We think it would be cool to provide a place to sing the praises of those who are serving others with honor, and integrity.
  •  We will be moving into the visual arts by posting videos of our artists craft and creating ones of our own.
  • We will promoting a BEATZ production company (TBA) who will offer their music at an affordable rate to their fellow Initiate Artists. To be clear, we will not be profiting in anyway, from doing so.
  • We will continue to facilitate and promote the global production of musical collaborations created by the Initiates of the Illuminati.
  • We will be offering an in house Lyricist to those needing help with the writing aspect of song production.